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Development of Voluntary and Community Action

The development of voluntary and community action is a process by which the members of a community progressively take responsibility for its growth and future. In a planned and concerted fashion, they undertake various endeavours to help achieve their objectives.

The development of voluntary and community action is aimed at:

  • Promoting volunteer work
  • Identifying and analyzing social and community needs
  • Consulting, supporting and cooperating with voluntary and community organizations in the area and parties involved in the various social sectors (socio-economic, RCMs, municipalities, etc.)
  • Representing our members’ interests at decision-making proceedings on its territory

Exciting news!!! In October 2016 a volunteer coordination team was established at the CAB main office (coordinator & support staff Wednesdays, 7 hours per week).

Primary role:

  • Recruitment, coordination, consultation, and supervision for the volunteers and volunteer functions of the CAB
  • Strengthen the volunteer coordination and support within the organization and community.
  • Involve a community of supporters in the joys and benefits of volunteering.


Esprt de Potton 2019 Photo: M. Hastings


Volunteer Experience Testimonials 




The smiles on children’s faces are always the best treasures! Despite the cold,  what a great day spent with amazing people! You can truly feel useful having a good time. – Cathy Riendeau, Winterfest Volunteer