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International Day of the Volunteer

December 5, 2016, on the occasion of the International day of the Volunteer, the CAB gave a resounding thank you to some-55 of its volunteers who accepted the invitation for cocktails at the Mansonville CAB. “Your volunteer work within the Volunteer Centre is appreciated by many, and this is our chance to give something back to you, the ones that make it happen,” said the invitation.

Hors d’oeuvres prepared by the Euro Deli du Village, were passed by the staff and cocktails served. Music for the event was provided by Marcel Puize, Jean Marc Bourgeois and Rachelle Bégin, who performed in both French and English.

The CAB team presented the first annual Karen Muzerall memorial volunteer recognition award for lifetime volunteering in the betterment of our community, to Rupert Clark (accepted by his family), and Rita Marcoux.

Support to Organizations

Support is given to organizations in a community perspective. Any step taken leaves the targeted groups full responsibility and leadership over their future.

This support may be professional (leadership, consultation, training, volunteer referrals, etc.) or technical (photocopy, secretarial services, etc.).

Support to organizations is aimed at:

  • Analyzing the organizations’ needs
  • Organizing and coordinating responses to these needs
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Training volunteers (administrators and others)

Organizations can now submit requests for volunteers. Their needs are now being sorted and organized following a standardized job description. This allows us to have a clear picture and to better match volunteers to the volunteers request. As the volunteer coordination at the CAB grows, we are on a mission to expand our volunteer base to better represent all of the communities we serve, and to involve more people in the joys and benefits of volunteering.

Individual Services

Through its individual services activities or those of its member or associate organizations, the volunteer centre takes an active part in improving the individual and collective quality of life, by promoting the autonomy of individuals and their maintenance in their natural surroundings or by promoting the development and integration of various groups into the community. It is thus called to intervene on behalf of a varied clientele.

Individual services are aimed at:

  • Maintaining and improving the autonomy of persons living at home
  • Supporting an individual’s natural network
  • Offering advice and support to isolated individuals encountering a problem
  • Promoting the quality of life