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 Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play an invaluable role in the life of the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre (CAB) and are presently required for the following. Training is provided. Please note that some positions have dress codes; some also require security checks, and/or references

The CAB Main Office

  • 1.Viactive– a bilingual weekly exercise animation program for seniors, (50+), offered by the CAB at the Mansonville Elementary School, Wednesdays, 10-11 a.m. – requires animators, as well as substitute animators on an as-needed basis. Volunteers are also occasionally needed by Viactive groups in Stukely-Sud, Eastman, and Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton.

Key responsibilities include: General preparation, welcoming, providing information, animating exercise sessions, evaluating activities and animation, and motivating participants in a fun setting.

(Vie active runs for nine months from September to December and from January to June.)

  • 2.Reception
    Volunteer receptionists, willing to work autonomously, are required at the Main Office for the following on an on-call basis, as well as welcomed on a regular basis, when needed from 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday.

Telephone reception, greeting and responding to guests, making photocopies, sending faxes, and dealing with subsequent petty cash, as well as other assigned duties.

Bilingual with a basic knowledge of computer.

  • 3. Accompanied transport
    Volunteer drivers are needed for the CAB’s Accompanied Transport program. Volunteers who accompany persons needing physical support, comfort or supervision for medical or other appointments, receive no payment for their time, but are compensated (at the established government rate) for the use of their vehicles.
  • 4. Translation / Proofreading
    Volunteers skilled in language arts (English and/or French) are required to translate and/or proofread a variety of letters, documents, and fliers required by the CAB in the operation of its mission.
  • 5. Help with small jobs
    The CAB is looking for a volunteer “handy man/ woman,” willing to help people in the community needing assistance with small jobs, as well as at the Main Office when there are little things that need doing.
  • 6. Computer Support
    The Main Office is looking for volunteers with basic computer knowledge to support and/or assist staff with specific projects and/or computer literacy.
  • 7. Archiving / Scrapbooking
    A volunteer archivist is needed to archive various memorabilia, including photographs, newspaper clippings, notices and fliers collected in the past 35 years.

The Youth Centre

  • 1. Reception
    Volunteer receptionists (willing to work autonomously) are required (for 2-3-hour shifts) at the Youth Centre, either on an occasional, or on a regular-when-needed basis:

Saturday 9 am – 5 pm (with the exception of special events)

Duties include:
Telephone and office reception, greeting and responding to youth, parents and visitors, as well as other assigned duties.

Bilingual with a basic knowledge of computer, especially able to relate to youth and parents.

  • 2. Special Activities
    Volunteers are needed in a variety of ways, including sharing of expertise (music, arts and crafts, pool, games, dance, etc.) to assist with several programs for ages 5 – 20+, many of which strive to build leaders.
  • 3. Animation
    The Youth Centre is seeking enthusiastic, creative, and understanding individuals to help with the regular weekly programs, either on a regular or an on-call-when-needed basis for special activities, or when a staff member is absent or unavailable.

4. Translation / Proofreading
The Youth Centre requires volunteers skilled in language arts (English and/or French) to translate and/or proofread a variety of letters and fliers intended for parents and/or the public.

Specific Committees

  • 1. The Partage/Share Committee, whose mandate is to help provide essential food and household consumables where need exists in the community, is seeking volunteers to help with its
    • Annual (Mothers’ Day) Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser, (food preparation, ticket sales, cleaning, etc.)
    • Christmas Baskets (wrapping, sorting, delivery, etc.)
  • 2. The Ken Jones Centre Committee, whose responsibility includes respite care, social integration and leisure activities for special-needs clients, particularly persons with intellectual disabilities and their families, is seeking volunteers to assist in the following:
    • Autumnfest BBQ
    • Mansonville Public Market Kiosk
    • Bowling Outings
    • Special Activities for Respite Care
    • Sponsorship Program


  • 3. Youth Centre Property Committee, whose mandate is to oversee the prudent management of the Youth Centre grounds, building, equipment, materials and supplies, is seeking knowledgeable volunteers interested in either joining or helping the committee. Potential candidates should contact Mable Hastings OR the chairperson at 450-292-3114.