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Drop-in 2018

Youth Centre


Did you know that, for over 32 years, the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre has been offering a variety of weekly youth programs in the community?

Unlike many youth programs, the Missisquoi North Youth Centre offers programming for youth ranging in ages from 5 to 20+: Boys group for boys ages 5-12, Girls group for girls ages 5-12, Students Against Destructive Decisions(SADD) for all youth ages 11 and up, Former Youth Involvement(FYI) for young adults 18 and up who have long been involved in the youth programs,  Saturday Drop-in for youth ages 12 and up and the Saturday Dance Theatre group for youth 5 and up.

The premise of our youth programs is to build leaders in our youth. By giving them training, opportunities, guidance and skills, the youth programs often become a part of a child’s life from a young age and continue into adulthood. The program, through providing these things eventually becomes the recipient of some quality volunteering as each youth participant grows and matures; sharing the gifts he or she has attained with the Centre and future generations to follow.

The older youth, long involved eventually become mentors for the younger youth. All age groups work in respect and appreciation for one and other.

The Centre provides a well supervised and inviting space where youth of any language, color, size… are welcome to attend, participate and grow.


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Youth Outreach 2019

Saturday Dance, 2019