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Support of Volunteers

As volunteers are the partners and masters of a volunteer centre, it is important to repeat that they are characterized by their complete freedom: freedom of

choice of their field of action, freedom as to the length of their commitment, freedom to share their experiences and skills, and freedom in the clientele

to assist and serve. With this perception, one can understand the full meaning of the voluntary commitment through the mission of a centre.


The services offered to volunteers include:

  • Screening
  • Meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Training
  • Direction toward the services offered by the centre or toward local agencies
  • Follow-up of their work


A volunteer application form has been created and is currently being used to register all volunteers for the CAB. As of March 31, 2019, there were 205 volunteers officially registered.


The long term goal will be to provide ongoing training and support to volunteers. Goals established by the CABMN Board of Directors include:

-Improve the website to increase volunteer involvement,

-Better recognize the role and contribution of the volunteers, committees and chairpersons,

-Create an entente to sign with other groups requesting volunteers,

-Increase visibility.


With the creation of a volunteer data base, we have been able to provide support to internal and external organizations seeking volunteers.


Follow up with volunteers includes:

-Touch-base phone calls





2019 Activity Report (pg:41)


Support to Organizations

Support is given to organizations in a community perspective. Any step taken leaves the targeted groups full responsibility and leadership over their future. This support may be professional (leadership, consultation, training, volunteer referrals, etc.) or technical (photocopy, secretarial services, etc.).

Support to organizations is aimed at:

  • Analyzing the organizations’ needs
  • Organizing and coordinating responses to these needs
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Training volunteers (administrators and others)

Organizations can now submit requests for volunteers. Their needs are now being sorted and organized following a standardized job description. This allows us to have a clear picture and to better match volunteers to the volunteer request. In 2018, an agreement was created for organizations to sign when they make a request for help soliciting volunteers As the volunteer coordination at the CAB grows, we are on a mission to expand our volunteer base to better represent all of the communities we serve, and to involve more people in the joys and benefits of volunteering.


Hats off to the volunteers who helped with the following events:

– Clerical work (CABMN)

– Dog Walker

– Ground Maintenance (Rifle Association)

– Spartan Race

– Kayak Race (Municipalité Bolton Est.)

– Spirit of Potton Festival (Municipal)

– Proof Reader (CAB)

– Municipal Beach Party (Municipality of


– Library Volunteer (M.E.S)

– Winterfest (Youth Centre)

– Information Kiosk East Bolton. (CABMN)

– Outdoor Cleaning Bee (Youth Centre)

– Book Sale (Municipal library)

– Pancake Breakfast (Partage/Share)

– Reading Program (École du Baluchon)

– SAFE Farm event (SAFE)

-SAFE Farm Fundraiser (SAFE)

-Ski Program (M.E.S)

-Tutor (Math and Reading)

-Person to learn French

-Work Bee (Mansonville Cemetary)

-Halloween (Youth Center)


Special thanks to the volunteers that regularly

support the CAB Programs, committees,

volunteers and staff.

– Food bank Inventory

-Volunteer Receptionist (CAB)

-Care of plants and general maintenance


-Cleaning CAB office

-Computer support

-Direct assistance to programs