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Support of Volunteers

As volunteers are the partners and masters of a volunteer centre, it is important to repeat that they are characterized by their complete freedom.

  • Freedom of choice of their field of action
  • Freedom as to the length of their commitment
  • Freedom to share their experiences and skills
  • Freedom in the clientele to assist and serve

With this perception, one can understand the full meaning of the voluntary commitment through the mission of a centre.

The support offered to volunteers focuses on cultivating their abilities and skills that are likely to further their autonomy, motivation and personal development.

The services offered to volunteers include:

  • Screening
  • Training
  • Direction toward the services offered by the centre or toward local agencies
  • Follow-up of their work

A volunteer application form has been created and is currently being used to filter all volunteers for the CAB. As of March 31, 2017, there were 125 volunteers officially registered.

George Galvin, a volunteer, has created a data base that allows us fast and efficient access to this information. We thank him for his service.

The long term goal will be to provide ongoing training and support to volunteers, where there is an interest and a need. To meet the immediate needs of the main office, training was given to 4 reception volunteers. As well, many committees received a presentation to let them know what services the volunteer coordination team can provide.

With the creation of a volunteer data base, we have been better able to provide support to internal and external organizations seeking volunteers, working on a pairing system that considers the volunteers interests, availability, skills and desire to assist.

The volunteer coordination team follows up with volunteers on a regular basis to touch base, gather feedback, statistics and express appreciation. This year follow up was done with volunteers during personal calls and emails made to invite them to the international volunteer day, volunteer week & CAB’s 35th anniversary party.